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Valley Pro Marketing provides digital marketing services to all business industries. No business is too big or too small. Specializing in social media marketing we emphasize this method of customer communications as it is far too often overlooked; yet has great potential to capitalize on. We actively work with social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, & many more.


Strategy and planning are the foundation of a successful website. Your initial investment in the planning stage can be crucial for your website to achieve its objectives.

Like anything, no matter who builds your website and how much it costs you, it will always turn out better when it is properly planned for. The main question to ask is "What is the objective of my website?"

Depending on what type you need, the number of pages on your site will range from a single page to as much as 9 top pages, and even up to 13 top pages for special cases. Valley Pro Graphics offers packages appropriate for your needs, along with the add-ons required for your site. Check out the pricing here.

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The next step would be to determine which layout would best suit your requirements while keeping in mind the overall feel and appearance of the site. Do you want your site to have a minimalistic feel to it? How about a pop of color here and there? There are many factors that come in to mind when designing even the simplest sites. This is where our web designers do their magic. This process usually takes around two days to a week.


We like to communicate through e-mail a lot. That way every request and revision would be documented. Once our designer finishes a layout, we will immediately send you a message containing images of your site's design. This way you will see how your website will look like before our geeks start doing the nitty-gritty stuff. It also gives you the chance to request for minor changes (e.g. color scheme) before development. Please note however that requesting to change the whole layout and placement of elements would be considered as a re-design and would incur additional fees.

Our code monkeys will only start developing your site once we finalize the layout and get the go signal. This is where we create your pages from scratch, integrate it with the content management system (where you login to edit contents on your site), and install modules. Development usually takes anywhere from one to three work weeks.

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Upon finishing the development stage we will again send you an e-mail, this time containing a link (aka URL) to your website so you can experience first-hand how your pages look and feel. Again, it's an opportunity for you to point out tweaks and minor details


Prepare for take-off in 3,2,1! After doing those minor tweaks, your website is finally ready to launch. We'll give you access to the CMS, along with credentials to e-mails linked to your site. How cool is that?! We'll also take down that "Under Construction" page so you can finally and proudly advertise your new website.

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Our team has a proven track record for creating and maintaining dynamic social media campaigns and websites for companies, and educating businesses on how to ensure their entire brand is being represented accurately across all platforms. VPM specializes in bringing ideas to life. Whether it's a small e-Commerce driven website with a custom content management system, or a social networking design, we can grow your ideas into full fruition. With several years of programming experience-the last six heavily concentrated on social networking development-we possess the hands-on experience essential to bringing your ideas from concept to reality.

Contact VPM today to learn what we can do for your social media marketing and web design efforts